Thursday, 29 March 2012

Walt Diney Cinderella
The dress.  This is the part every woman cant wait for but then hate it. We have all thought about the dress from a small girl, however if you are like me it has changed allot as the years drifted by.

As a young girl I dreamt about a Cinderella sparkly dress with puffy sleeves and a massive skirt.  As time went on the skirt got smaller and the sleeves no existent ( thank god).

Now I think I am pretty open minded as I love a wide variety of dresses. From Candy Anthony's 1950 dresses,  Jenny Packham boho grecian style to the likes of statement making ball gowns by My Lady and Hollywood Dreams.    
From Left to Right : Candy Anthong, Jenny Packham, My Lady and Hollywood Dreams


Now  I believe every bride looks lovely on their wedding day. They have a inner glow, but I don't know if every bride does actually feel lovely on their day. After the months of stress planning making sure , the flower girls are looking like little dolls and the bridesmaids primped to a inch of their life. A bride can frazzle them selves.

I myself am a fusser and a worrier. So i have decided I'm not having loads of flower girls and bridesmaids. I am sticking to my little sister , who isn't so little and will be 22 at the time and hopefully by then she will be able to sort her self out.

I am having my partners younger sister . She will be 11 at the time so she should be fine. My partner has a large family, and through the years i have got pretty close to them all, well i like to think i have. I hope they all feel the same. Anyway, he has 4 sister all in all and 2 little nieces . As much as i would love to have them all, I have taken the hard decision to just have the youngest sister. I found this a hard decision as I didn't want to upset anyone. But my stress levels nor my budget ( which I will come to in my next post)could stretch to it.

Partners youngest sister and my little princess
Moody little Princess

 So last but not least i decided to obviously no questions asked. My own little princess as a flower girl. She will be 7 when we get married , and i cant even bear to think of her being that old. But she is so excited, she has been a bridesmaid for her nan before, but was only 3 at the time. She was a right madam that day, wouldn't smile and frowned all day. Refused any sweets, wouldn't talk to anyone and begged for sweets all day.... I will not be amused if at 7 she is like that at my wedding lol.

OK so before I get to my quest of my perfect dress. I will show my bridesmaids. Now i knew straight away i wanted my little princess in ivory , she looks lovely in it. So decided to choose my colours around that. Ivory goes with most things and i would choose ivory for my dress . What colours to choose was so hard as i didn't want the normal, purple blue, gold... they all look lovely but not what i wanted. So I first wanted Burnt orange with chocolate. Esp after i saw this picture. OH I loved it was warm , scrumptious , luxury, Autumnal....... Wait Autumnal , I didn't want Autumn , I wanted a summer wedding. So out went that idea. :(
Autumn wedding

So back to square one i was, who wants a ivory on ivory , no thank you sir not me. I was out of idea and came to the decision I would just have to have pink, looks nice and it would do. Until my inner child came out again , thinking of all the wedding films  I had watched. Then it came to me, MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING. I still love that film to this day. In the opening sequence they have  pale pink and pale  green together and I loved it.
So there was my colour  theme , and it looks beautiful together. Not to much, summery , fresh  , Perfect.
 For those who dont know the film My Best Friend's Wedding - Wishing and Hoping 
Now the most important bit for most women....... DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUMMMMMM RRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL PLLLLLLLLEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEE........ The wedding dress. So I wanted a stunning, eye popping dress. Or so I thought. I tried so many dresses on and I just didn't get that eye watering feeling. I wanted to feel beautiful on my day but was I being to fussy? did I expect to much? Or was it the dresses where wrong for me.... or was I wrong for the dresses ....

Until as cheesy as it sounds I had a dream of getting married. In my dream I wasn't in a sparkling Cinderella dress, nor in a 50's chic dress. I wasn't in any of the type of dresses I  have ever looked out. I was in a fitted fishtail dress with side embellishment, hair up on the side no veil and a side tiara. And in my dream i looked truly beautiful.

So now I was on a hunt for my ' DREAM' dress, and it did not take long with the help of google. So I ended up with  a dress, that is almost a ecaxt dress in my dream, Ellis Bridals 11054 .....
Ellis 11054

It is such a beautiful dress. However my heart did sink when i found the price was just shy of £1000. We had such a tiny budget I would have never wanted such a expensive dress. Especially when you can get beautiful dresses from the likes of BHS at under £500. But them dresses just was not for me. Also my grandmother had offered to buy my dress, I wouldn't have never asked for such a large lump of money.

My grandmother is a very special person in my life and although we live 100 miles apart, we have a very special bond. I would do anything for my Nana, and she in turn thinks allot of me, maybe a little to much. She is the one person i try to make happy all the time.

So I googled the dress again and popped up links on eBay ... I thought I am not buying a 2nd hand dress.... But with wasn't. It was only brand new with tags ,right size and £150 delivered. At that price I couldn't say no.

I was so happy when I received it, and I am lucky to have a friend that has agreed to look after it for me so I don't try it on every day.

There is deffo a dress for every bride out there, but my advice would be to try on every style as you may be surprised, what dress is for you.

For all you other brides like me on a tight budget , do not be afraid to look at , sale dresses, sample or dresses on eBay . You may get lucky like me and get a bargain...... and who don't love a bargain.

 Love and Kisses X

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

OK , so we are up to the point that will run till I walk up the aisle ... THE WEDDING PLANNING :)

From my last post , I gave you a quick catch up to our lives, hopefully not boring you .

So as soon as he asked, I had a million and one thought of what I want, how I want it etc etc.  Us girls from a young age dream our perfect wedding. Even those who say they are never getting married.

I have one dear friend who has told me time and time again she wont get married . However one dreary day we was on the comp and I was showing her my ideas. Out of the blue she came out with her perfect wedding dress... a pin up 50s style with bird cage veil, emerald green bridesmaid dresses and a emerald engagement ring.... Hmmm for someone that doesn't want to get married has thought allot about their wedding ;)

However I have no doubt in my mind she will have her perfect wedding , with her perfect man....... if she stops choosing the psychotic ones :) 

This lead me to think do men want/need this big day as much as us women?

Alex Edouard Design & Photography copyrght 2010
Now without painting all men with one brush , as there will be exceptions, I would say NO. I take my partner as a average man , the way he thinks is a man should be the bread winner and the woman should do her duty's at home. Now please don't think he is a slave driver , as in a ideal world this would be his ideal. However in my house it is very different, yes he does go and work while I stay at home at look after the children. But I am the one that wears the trousers in the house, he would say this is wrong but we both know I do.

I am so very lucky as he is great with our children and truly is a great dad to them. He is clean and tidy , more so than me. He is handsome, funny , caring , loving. He really is my prince charming. Believe me our life isn't a Disney fairytale and we have had it hard. But we love one another dearly and that's all you can ask for in life.

Getting back to my point. We have been asked many times during our relationship, will we be getting married, it actually got to the point we both dreaded the question.

I wanted to get married so much, really meant allot to me, to my mother and my grandmother. They both expressed their feelings on the matter. I had a home and two children and was head over heels in love with this man. I wanted to be called his wife and have the same surname as my children. We was in a solid strong relationship and most family and friends thought of us as a married couple.

My partner on the other hand as not as passionate for getting married. He would say he loved me loads and was with me for life so getting married would change anything. He didn't want the big day with everyone looking at him. He comes from family where his mum and dads marriage broke down, and I think it effected him more than he lets on. However this is my partners own private matter so that's all I will say :)

Where as I came from a single parent family where my mum never married. And my grandfather died young. So grew up without a stable male figure in my life. This did once affect me , more than probably everyone noticed but I feel as my partner did help me over come this . 

After nearly 6 years of being together I obviously did wear him down or he came to see sense as he did ask. I know its all for my benefit, and I know he is doing it to make me happy as he loves me. The type of love where you will put yourself out of your comfort zone to make the other happy. For that I will be eternally thankful for and blessed I have found that .

One day I will return the favour and do something I would never do,  for him. As long as its nothing to do with sharks :P
                                                                      My little family 

OK so have realised that this blog post has not listed any of my wedding planning , so next post will be the quest of finding the perfect dress :) Bare with me folks........

For now I will love you and leave you with this quote:

It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love, it matters only that you love <3

Well hello there,

This is the first blog I have ever done and if i am entirely honest I'm not really sure what I am doing but hope full will learn the ropes quickly :)

OK so I will give you a little background ( promise I wont dribble on) .

 I have 2 children and 3 and soon to be 5 , I live with the 'man of the house' so he likes to call him self and have been together for just under 6 years :)

The 'man of the house' finally asked the question 20th Jan 2012... took him long enough considering I've bared two of his children ;P

So that leads us to the proposal and THE RING, which lets face it means alot to us all. We all want the most romantic proposal and the perfect ring , that we have drawn on the back of our school books.  OK so I wasn't whisked to Paris , I wasn't asked with a singing choir, I wasn't asked by sky writing.

I was asked on a Friday night. The 'man of the house' had a long tiring day at work . I was grouchy and tired from the children , tidying and cooking, with mascara smeared down my cheek, hair tied up in a scruffy bun and sweat pants , who wants to say I DO YES in swear pants :?

                                                      How I wanted to look and how i probably looked

But at that moment as we was all eating our chicken curry , when he got down on one knee it was the most loving , perfect moment of my life , and I wouldn't want it any other way :)

The person who reacted the most was my little girl , she is a very shy little thing but jumped up shouted 'lets all have a family cuddle' , so thats what we did, have a family cuddle that was a moment that will stay with me forever.

The ring was perfect, just a plain solitaire, white gold band , just perfect thats all I can say :)

So next came the wedding planning ...... but thats a whole new blog post.

As iI have said im new to the blog scene so please do let me know if I am doing it all wrong :)